SRW redefines what it means to age

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SRW redefines what it means to age

Longevity Researcher Greg Macpherson is one of my favorite podcast guests. He’s the founder of Science Research Wellness (SRW Labs) which has rolled out a highly innovative suite of supplements that harness the latest breakthroughs on the biology of aging. Together they address the nine key attributes of our cells that decline in function as we age, known as the “Nine Hallmarks of Aging”. Learn more in this informative article, and be sure to click on the links to important resources on the science of longevity.

—Dr. Ronald Hoffman

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Nutraceutical company, SRW Laboratories (Science Research Wellness) has now been established for two and a half years and is making clear inroads in the healthy aging market. SRW was founded by Greg Macpherson, who is a biotechnologist, pharmacist, ‘futurist’, and the author of “Harnessing the Nine Hallmarks of Aging”. Through SRW, Greg and his team have been able to give people access to information and products that can help them with their healthy aging journey. SRW curates the latest science and research to formulate supplements that have significant evidence of effect on your well-being, especially as you age. Greg says, “It may be the first time in human history we finally have enough understanding of our cellular biology and the right tools to age well”. 

The Concept of Two Ages

When it comes to age, we all have two ages, our chronological age, and our cellular age (also referred to as biological age). That’s where SRW comes in with its cutting-edge DNAᵃᵍᵉ test. Consumers are able to conduct an at-home saliva-based test that uses epigenetics to reveal the acting age of your cells – your cellular age. Having access to this information is powerful and acts as a starting point for one’s individualized healthy aging journey. From here, we’re armed with the knowledge to understand if we are on a sustainable aging trajectory and therefore should continue with current lifestyle choices or take course corrective action such as lifestyle changes (improving sleep, reducing stress, and dietary improvements) to slow down the aging process.

The Hallmarks of Aging

Nearly a decade ago, scientists reached a consensus on nine key areas of the cells that decline in function as we age, known as the Nine Hallmarks of Aging. They all share one thing in common: If we worsen the hallmarks, we age faster. If we better them, we slow the aging process.

Learn more about the hallmarks from Greg Macpherson’s latest interview on the The Intelligent Medicine Podcast: The Nine Hallmarks of Aging (Part One) and (Part Two).

The Cellular System Range

SRW’s Cellular System range is a cellular nutrition supplement specifically formulated to target the 9 Hallmarks of Aging. The range includes three supplements: Cel¹ Stability, Cel² Nourishment, and Cel³ Renewal, which are formulated to support the maintenance of normal cell functions and overall health and well-being at the specific time in your life that you need.

SRW Laboratories work with leading global scientists to formulate, optimize and refine their nutraceuticals, and to remain informed about ground-breaking research in the areas of cellular health, aging, ingredients, biochemistry, biotechnology, and more. SRW demonstrate strong scientific credentials with many leading breakthrough research and studies to further understand the aging process and how we can influence it.  

SRW also have a number of other products that support the different bodily systems including the immune, skeletal, nervous, and circulatory systems. All of SRW’s products are formulated, encapsulated, and bottled in New Zealand. Visit to find out more.


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