Intelligent Medicine Starter Kit

Many of you in my Intelligent Medicine audience have been asking for a short list of the basic supplements that I take, and would recommend as a starting point for those looking to take control of their health.  I tried to keep this simple. I asked myself: What are the essential elements of a basic program that everyone could benefit from? I’ve given this a lot of thought, and here’s my list:

Start with a great multi: Alpha Base without iron capsules (take two, twice daily).

Of course, fish oil is a must, with all its great attributes for inflammation, heart, and brain, and I really like Carlson’s Elite Omega 3 Gems (take one, twice daily).

Then, PhytoBenefits, formerly PhytoGuard, a combination of essential phytonutrients that I personally designed (take one, twice daily)

Because of the primacy of the microbiome in determining overall health, I added my favorite probiotic, Dr. Ohhira’s (take one, twice daily)

While there’s some D and C in Alpha Base, you’ll need more, so I added Ester C (take one, twice daily) and D1000 (take one, twice daily).

I’ve also included NT Factor Energy Lipids Chews, to help you restore your energy on a cellular level (take one, twice daily).

You can’t go wrong with this combination of basic nutrients; it’s a foundation you can build on with other specialized supplements to address additional health concerns.

Each of these is conveniently available in my Fullscript dispensary. Just click below to purchase:

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(To learn about other available Intelligent Medicine protocols, visit my store page.)

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