Seasonal Immune Support Protocol

With the flu shot unreliable this year, a particularly virulent form of the flu circulating, and antiviral drug stockpiles dwindling, the best medicine is preventive medicine to bolster our immune defenses. While the Intelligent Medicine Starter Kit provides a good foundation for health, those looking to safeguard their immune systems will benefit from additional focused supplementation.

Over the years I have refined my list of top supplements offering the greatest boost for your immune system when it is most needed. My patients and listeners who have followed this regimen report remarkably few instances other than the mildest respiratory infections. Give it a shot!

This protocol includes:

Kyolic Formula 103 (take one, twice daily), a product which harnesses the documented immune-boosting effects of Aged Garlic Extract along with potent co-factors

AHCC (Advanced Hexose Correlated Compound) in a product called Immunokinoku (take one, twice daily) which I discussed in a recent podcast

Vitamin C  (take one, twice daily) and Vitamin D (take one, once daily) are mainstays of Immune defense; Viracid (take one, twice daily) which contains zinc and echinacea

Xlear Nasal Spray: Airborne pathogens, particulates, and allergens enter our bodies through the nose and mouth where they are then absorbed, which can create an immune reaction which leads to a cold or flu. Xylitol in Xlear retards the formation of biofilms which perpetuate sinus problems. I recommend it to my patients during cold, flu, and allergy season.

Transfer Factor (take one, twice daily), a colostrum-derived product that boosts the vigilance of white blood cells, and olive leaf extract (Olivir, take one, twice daily) that is rich in oleuropein, a potent natural antiviral

Each supplement in the Seasonal Immune Protocol is conveniently available in my Fullscript dispensary. Just click below to purchase.

(To learn about other available Intelligent Medicine protocols, visit my store page.)

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