ENCORE: The Nine Hallmarks of Aging, Part 1


"Harnessing the Nine Pillars of Aging." Anti-aging researcher Greg Macpherson challenges us to embrace aging in his new book which details the current scientific theories that explain how we age. He envisions progress which will enable individuals to attain 3-digit longevity. The conundrum is how to extend lifespan without end-of-life disease and debilitation; it’s called optimizing healthspan. To that end, we need to employ nutritional strategies, exercise, and the selective use of senolytics—natural and pharmaceutical anti-aging agents. What role for metformin? Rapamycin? Fisetin? EGCG? 2-Hoba from Himalayan buckwheat? Resveratrol? Pterostilbene? Nicotinamide riboside? Astragalus? How do caloric restriction and time-restricted feeding support autophagy, the body’s cleanup process that gets rid of senescent cells? How to reinvigorate your stem cells. Is growth hormone really an anti-aging elixir? What about antioxidants? Click HERE for part 2.

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