Bone Health Protocol

The process of keeping our bones healthy spans a broad range of medical and lifestyle issues—abysmal diets that weaken bones; worsening rates of physical activity among U.S. adults; increasing numbers of Americans who take acid-blocking drugs that cause malabsorption of critical bone-building minerals; or escalating inappropriate use of blood pressure meds and sedatives in the elderly, even opioid overprescribing, that cause falls.

There are several plausible ways of forestalling, and even reversing, bone loss: Weight-bearing exercise, yoga, an anti-inflammatory diet, and the right combination of supplements.  These are the supplements I have recommended to my patients and audience for years. 

Bone Health Protocol CORE supplements:

The foundation for good bone health involves, not just bio-available calcium, but also co-factors like magnesium, boron and ipriflavone. These and others are combined in OsteoThera (take two, twice daily with food).

Additional vitamin K2 in MK-7 (take one daily) enhances its bone-building effects.

Strontium is my favorite supplement for reversing bone loss—scores of my patients and listeners can testify to improvements in bone density with regular use (take two at bedtime, away from calcium).

Ostera harnesses the anti-inflammatory effects of hops to staunch inflammation which erodes bones (take one twice daily).

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Bone Health Protocol BOOSTER supplements:

There’s vitamin D in several of these supplements, but D3 2000 IU provides additional D at safe levels (take one daily).

New research reveals the bone-protective effects of olive leaf polyphenols, hence DaVinci Olivir (take one twice daily).

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