Heart Health Protocol

Cardiovascular health is not just a matter of lowering cholesterol. Over the years I’ve helped you sort out the latest legitimate breakthroughs from the pervasive BS, but the basic Intelligent Medicine philosophy remains – promoting heart health is a combination of diet and lifestyle, along with a reasonable regimen of supplementation.

While the Intelligent Medicine Starter Kit provides a good foundation for health, those looking to improve their heart health in particular will benefit from additional focused supplementation. I’m confident that if you take these faithfully you’re sure to minimize your heart risk!

I included Bergamot BPF (take two, twice daily) which, in addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, has been shown to improve lipid profiles.  

Since B vitamins lower homocysteine, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, I added Homocysteine Factors (take one, twice daily) to the list. 

Magnesium taurate (take one, twice daily), MK 7 vitamin K2 (take one, twice daily) both have demonstrable heart-protective effects, as does the Omega3 in your Intelligent Medicine Starter Kit. (If you haven’t purchased the Starter Kit, but still want to take the Omega3 supplement for your heart health, you can purchase it here. I recommend one capsule, twice daily.) 

Olive leaf (take one, twice daily) and resveratrol (take one, twice daily) deliver beneficial polyphenols that protect the arterial lining. 

Ubiquinol (take one, twice daily) is essential for heart function, and may be depleted in patients taking statins. 

Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract (take one, twice daily) is well-studied for its ability to optimize blood pressure and stave off arterial calcification.

And finally, since insulin resistance plays such an important role in the progression of heart disease, I couldn’t resist adding my favorite blood sugar regulator CM Core(take one, twice daily), which contains berberine, a proven insulin sensitizer.

Each supplement in the Heart Health Protocol is conveniently available in my Fullscript dispensary. Just click below to purchase.

(To learn about other available Intelligent Medicine protocols, visit my store page.)

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