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CV Sciences: CV Sciences began as a small group believing in the power of plants. Their families and friends achieved astonishing results with PlusCBD™ products, so they committed themselves to an intrepid path of discovery, connecting nature with science when creating their unrivaled nutritional supplements.  CV Sciences initiated research, conducted clinical trials, published studies, and became the first company to achieve GRAS safety status for hemp CBD in their efforts to create the highest quality botanical products available. Because they are the most reliable CBD formulas on Earth, CV Sciences supplements have been shown to positively impact well-being.  

Nutritional Therapeutics: Makers of NTFactor® lipids blend. NTFactor®  is made up entirely of food and food extracts, and is just about the safest way to regain your youth. It works by keeping your cells healthy and fueling your mitochondria, the powerhouse of your cells. The ability to convert food and oxygen to energy begins in your cells. Taken in combination with other nutritional supplements, it makes everything work better.

Protocol for Life Balance: Protocol For Life Balance® is an A-rated GMP manufacturer of pharmaceutical grade dietary supplements created for healthcare practitioners. Their product line is comprised of effective, science-based formulations which incorporate trademarked ingredients of the highest quality, intended to address common nutrient deficiencies and support healthy physiological function. The ingredients used in their products have been tested for efficacy in clinical trials and laboratory studies. (Click to view featured products.)

Essential Formulas: Essential Formulas is a family-owned and operated business that’s passionate about offering scientifically sound formulas with proven protocols that empower consumers to take control of their health in a natural and proactive manner. They are makers of Intelligent Medicine favorite Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics, a superior probiotic formula, combining both probiotics and prebiotics to help maintain your gut health.

Wakunaga of America: Makers of Intelligent Medicine favorite Kyolic, Wakunaga is a privately held, family-owned health and wellness company dedicated to offering high-quality dietary supplements. Their Kyolic range of supplements leverages the health benefits of carefully aged garlic to support many areas of wellness, from cardiovascular to immune health, and more. (Learn More)

Xlear: The leading manufacturer of xylitol products, providing consumers with a natural sweetening alternative, along with other health-enhancing products. Xlear is committed to providing natural, health-enhancing products based on the safety, effectiveness, and science of xylitol. They offer drug-free sinus and dental/oral care as well as a line of natural Xylitol sweeteners.

FlavaNaturals: My favorite source for healthy, high-flavanol dark chocolate! FlavaNaturals’ cocoa products contain five to nine times the healthy flavanols of typical dark chocolate, providing the vital amounts needed to fuel brain and cardio performance. They offer both a variety of chocolate bars and a versatile performance cocoa powder. 

American BioSciences, Inc.: Makers of Metatrol and ImmPower, American BioSciences, Inc. helps people enhance their lives and health with the most effective, natural dietary supplements that are supported by outstanding research. They work with universities and research organizations around the world to bring new natural-therapy options to consumers, and the doctors and retailers who support them.

Berkeley Life: Your ability to produce Nitric Oxide (N-O) declines rapidly as you age. Berkeley Life’s proprietary dietary nitrate blend provides the plant-based bioequivalents of 5oz of spinach and 7oz of beets in each two capsule dose helping you maintain Nitric Oxide levels as you age.* Berkeley Life are committed to spreading awareness of nitric oxide’s role in healthy aging, and are focused on offering science-backed, state-of-the-art nitric oxide solutions to healthcare practitioners in support of optimal patient outcomes.

Vital Nutrients: Vital Nutrients was founded 30 years ago by physicians who set out to make a positive impact on the health of people and the planet. Today, their diverse line of premium quality, clinically relevant, clean-label omega-3 formulas, are both trusted and beloved by hospitals, healthcare practitioners, and people around the world.

Fullscript: Fullscript is already the most widely used supplement dispensing software for Integrative Practitioners. Over the past 5 years, they have on-boarded over 23,000 products to their catalog, upon practitioner request. An indispensable tool for practitioners, their goal is to redefine the conventional prescription, and maximize its potential to be truly holistic, effective, and convenient for both practitioner and patient.


The Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club: T. J. Robinson, aka “The Olive Oil Hunter®,” is one of the world’s most respected authorities on all matters olive oil. I’ve been a member of his unique Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club for several years, and their oils are far and away my favorites. Members enjoy fresh-pressed artisanal olive oils direct from harvests around the world four times a year.


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