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Dr. Hoffman personally selects the highest quality nutritional products for our Fullscript Supplement Dispensary – here with Grimaldy Vargas, Supplement Manager.

Those of you who have been following me on radio and online know that I live and breathe the concepts behind Intelligent Medicine, and that I practice what I preach in my personal life.  The recommendations I make to you are the same ones I make for my patients, and often the same regimens I keep myself.  Intelligent Medicine is a lifestyle – it encompasses diet, exercise, mental health, and a targeted selection of top supplements.

Now there’s a new way to take advantage of the benefits of Intelligent Medicine: curated supplement protocols previously only available to my patients in private practice.  On this page, you will find easy-to-follow links to not only the best individual products, but now also to Intelligent Medicine Lifestyle Supplement Protocols that combine the products I recommend to achieve your specific goals. Begin with the Starter Kit and then expand your health horizons with additional products tailored to your particular health concerns. 

To your health!
Dr. Ronald Hoffman


BRAND NEW: Intelligent Medicine Supplement Protocols:


The Intelligent Medicine Starter Kit: This protocol combines Dr. Hoffman’s must-have supplements for good health into one package. Consider this kit the basic building blocks of your supplement regimen.



The Intelligent Medicine Heart Health Protocol: Heart-related health issues are some of the most common concerns of my patients and listeners alike. In Heart Health Protocol, you’ll find targeted supplements to help keep your cardiovascular system running smoothly.



The Intelligent Medicine Seasonal Immune Protocol: Flu season is upon us, and this year it’s particularly virulent! Protect yourself with our Seasonal Immune Protocol and give your body an additional line of protection against all of the things mother nature throws at us this time of year. 


The Intelligent Medicine Bone Health Protocol: The process of keeping our bones healthy spans a broad range of medical and lifestyle issues, but luckily there are several plausible ways of forestalling, and even reversing, bone loss: Weight-bearing exercise, yoga, an anti-inflammatory diet, and the right combination of supplements. The Intelligent Medicine Bone Health Protocol contains the supplements you need to develop and maintain a strong skeletal foundation. 

The Intelligent Medicine Brain Health Protocol: There’s a natural decline in short-term memory and learning ability with age – a slow, progressive decline. It has even earned a medical acronym: ARMI, for age-related memory impairment. The good news is that several nutrients and nutraceuticals have been shown to slow cognitive decline and enhance memory and mental performance. I have aggregated some of the best into my Brain Support Protocol.    


Dr. Hoffman’s Store is now part of the Fullscript network, the safest and most convenient way to purchase the supplements that Dr. Hoffman recommends. Buying through Fullscript offers great new benefits to you, our customers. Here are just a few:

  • Fast shipping right to your doorFullscriptsignup
  • Mobile friendly – it works where you do
  • Refill reminders via text or email
  • Safe, secure and HIPAA compliant
  • Authentic prescription-only supplements
  • World class support

To shop the Dr. Hoffman store on Fullscript, simply create a free account (you do not need to enter any purchasing information in order to view products, only your name and email). Click here to create your Dr. Hoffman Store account.

Once you’ve created an account, there are two ways to find your favorite products. If you know which supplement you’d like to purchase, simply enter its name into the search bar on my store page. Or, you can search by category to see a range of recommended products to meet your health needs.

For quick links to our most popular products, see below (Note: you will need to have a Fullscript account to view the product pages):

To purchase these and all of my specially curated supplements, please visit our new dispensary.

If you’re a practitioner who would also like to join the Fullscript network, click the image to the left for more information. 

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