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| By Dr. Ronald Hoffman

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‘Tis the season–for detox! After a non-stop Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s bacchanal, millions of Americans are sadly contemplating their expanded waistlines and have resolved to clean up their acts for 2015.

Publishers of diet books know that this is the best time of year to unleash their titles to willing consumers. Bottom line, most of us could use a diet “reset” after the holidays.

ts_detox2_sm2Lately, “Detox” is the new buzzword, even prompting an article in the Wall Street Journal: “The Debate Over Juice Cleanses and Toxin Removal.”

The article highlights the prevalence of fatty liver disease, a hallmark of dietary excess. The French, notorious bon vivants, have long referred to this as “crise de foie” (crisis of the liver). Their solution: Periodically, they take “The Cure” at a health spa, where they chill out, eat lightly, and abstain from Pinot Noir and Gauloises.

There are tons of cleanse and detox books these days, and lots of products. My recommendation is to stay away from “colon cleansers” containing laxative ingredients that can create dependency or even provoke dangerous electrolyte deficiencies while “cleaning you out.”

You can try a few days of eating lightly, or even fasting, provided you hydrate well to promote elimination of toxins. A podcast I did last year on the science of Intermittent Fasting is a good jumping off point.

Saunas are a way to promote detox via sweating. And for unique heavy metal problems, such as excess lead and mercury, consider chelation therapy, but always consult a qualified health practitioner for monitoring.

My favorite way of detoxing safely and with relatively little deprivation is with a product called Core Restore. I’ve termed it “detox in a box.” Core Restore is a “one-stop shop” for detox, scientifically formulated and balanced, and it comes complete with easy-to-follow instructions and sample menus.

When you take the Core Restore 7-Day detox, you can forego your usual vitamin/supplement program because one of the Core Restore components is a basic multiple called “Alpha Base,” which provides you with basic nutrient needs while you eat foods allowed according to the Core Restore Patient Guide.

Another of the elements of Core Restore is “PhytoCore,” a targeted blend of nutraceuticals that promotes liver detoxification.

Finally, the cornerstone of the Core Restore program is “Core Support,” a proprietary blend of fiber, high ORAC value polyphenols and glutathione precursors.

The menu for the Core Restore Detox is primarily plant-based Paleo, eliminating common food allergens. It is decidedly “light” but ample enough to avoid deprivation and/or precipitous withdrawal.

Under the supervision of your health provider, the detox can be modified and extended to comprise 28 days.

My patients who have undergone the Core Restore program find it a revelation: They note increased energy, freedom from false hunger pangs, better digestion, elimination of “brain fog” and reduction in congestion and bodily aches and pains. The weight loss achieved with Core Restore far exceeds what you’d get with ordinary calorie restriction because it eliminates “allergy bloat.”

My favorite thing about Core Restore is that it provides a “teachable moment” to help patients better understand the relationship between toxic or allergic dietary influences and their baffling symptoms.

Note: Core Restore is not available in retail stores, only through certified health practitioners. Additionally, while the Core Restore protocol is gentle and generally well tolerated, if you have a serious health condition or are taking prescription medications, do not undertake this program without medical supervision.


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