Immunity Reset: A Personalized Plan to Pandemic-Proof Your Body and Build Resilience

I had a lot of incentive to write this report. I wanted to propose a better strategy—one that extends beyond the vaccine and even beyond the current crisis. Because with this crisis has come opportunity. After decades of trying to persuade patients to focus on the everyday things that affect their immunity—like their eating habits, nutrient levels, and mental well-being—many of those same patients are now actively seeking that information. I hope you find this report useful and choose to act on it in your life.

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A Personalized Plan to Pandemic-Proof Your Body and Build Resilience for a Long, Healthy Life

It’s time for people to take their power back when it comes to their immune health.

The current pandemic has ushered in a new era for all of us. It’s been next to impossible to escape media coverage of the event, and the bulk of it has focused on what has left us feeling so disempowered: the millions of deaths worldwide, the lockdowns, the school closings, the mask-wearing (or not-wearing), the economic hardship, the political fallout. But there is also good news that has come out of all that we’ve endured: the pandemic has acted as a kind of catalyst, prompting vital new research, a new focus on and understanding of immune health, and signs of new health habits and behaviors being adopted on a wide scale.

After more than two years of being at the mercy of government officials, disease experts, and the media telling us what we should and should not do, of waiting for the medical breakthroughs that were supposed to save us and then didn’t quite live up to the hope, an important fact has gotten lost: We have more power over our own resilience in the face of this or any pathogen than we have been given credit for. And there has never been a better time to focus on that fact—on how we can best support and optimize our own immune systems.

Too many people have been led to believe that their health is mostly out of their hands. They think it comes down to genetics. Or to scientists who come up with the new vaccines and medications they need. Or to costly and time-consuming diets, programs, or treatments that aren’t practical for most of us. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

It’s well within our grasp to become more resilient to whatever the world throws at us—and to feel healthier, more energized, and more empowered in the process. And who wouldn’t want all that?

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