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Leyla Weighs In: Preventing Cognitive Decline
June 21, 2024
The Connection Between Community, Mobility, Exercise, and Cognitive Health. Nutritionist Leyla Muedin weighs in on the impact of community, mobility and exercise on cognitive function and overall health. She reviews recent studies, including one from the Journal of the American Geriatric Society, highlighting how greater community and mobility can be associated with better cognitive function, and another study from the journal Aging Cell that demonstrates exercise’s beneficial effects on brain health at the cellular level in mice. Additionally, Leyla discusses the harmful effects of air pollution on brain health and the importance of a holistic approach, emphasizing both physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices to mitigate cognitive decline and improve well-being.


Q&A with Leyla, Part 1: Mask Confusion
June 20, 2024
Mask confusion is reigning in New York; A case of high dose curcumin in the treatment of kidney disease and psoriasis; Nystatin therapy for the treatment of candida. Click HERE for part 2.


Q&A with Leyla, Part 2: Managing Emphysema

What kind of sweetener can I use in my daily coffee and tea?; I have an asymptomatic urinary tract infection. Must I take an antibiotic?; I've been on a low carb diet for 16 months. When will my diabetes go away?; I recently had hip surgery and want to take care of my joints. What supplements do you recommend?; Do you have a recommendation for my pet's joint health too?; How can I treat or manage emphysema? Click HERE for part 1.


Harnessing Human Milk Biology, Part 1
June 19, 2024
Alex Martinez, CEO and co-founder of Intrinsic Medicine reveals the potential of utilizing human milk biology, specifically the microbiome and human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs), to address various medical challenges such as Parkinson's disease, autism spectrum disorder, irritable bowel syndrome, Alzheimer's disease, and inflammatory bowel disease. Alex shares his journey from being an attorney to starting a therapeutics company focused on the innovative use of human milk's properties. The conversation also delves into the science behind HMOs, their evolutionary significance, and their potential impact on the microbiome and immune system. This episode provides insights into the cutting-edge research and the promising future of natural, less toxic, and cost-effective therapeutic solutions. Click HERE for part 2.


Harnessing Human Milk Biology, Part 2

Dr. Hoffman continues his conversation with Alex Martinez, the CEO and co-founder of Intrinsic Medicine, a therapeutics company leveraging human milk biology to transform Gut-Immune-Brain Axis (GIBA) disorders such as Parkinson’s, Autism Spectrum Disorder, IBS, Alzheimer’s, and IBD, among other illnesses. Click HERE for part 1.


Women’s Heart Health: A Deep Dive with Jane Jansen, Part 1
June 18, 2024
Although cardiovascular disease is usually thought of as a man’s disease, almost as many women die each year of heart problems. Jane Jansen, a naturopathic practitioner from the Tree of Life Wellness Center in Massachusetts brings a unique perspective with her extensive background in cardiovascular labs and non-invasive cardiology. She sheds light on the gender disparities in cardiovascular research, the critical periods for women's heart health, especially during perimenopause and menopause, and the evolving understanding of hormone replacement therapy. The episode highlights the importance of early diagnosis, lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise, and the benefits of specific supplements like aged garlic extract. Jansen addresses the underestimation of women's cardiovascular risks compared to breast cancer and offer practical advice on managing stress and improving sleep quality. This comprehensive conversation aims to break stereotypes and provide actionable insights for better heart health among women. Click HERE for part 2.


Women’s Heart Health: A Deep Dive with Jane Jansen, Part 2

Dr. Hoffman continues his conversation with Naturopathic Practitioner, Jane Jansen of the Tree of Life Wellness Center in Massachusetts. Click HERE for part 1.


ENCORE: Intelligent Medicine Radio Show for June 15, Part 1: Does Motrin affect the liver?
June 17, 2024
As weight-loss meds surge in popularity, BigPharma builds pipeline of even more potent, pricey drugs—questions arise as to their sustainability, cost-effectiveness; 93 million Americans may be candidates for them, at an annual price tag of $600 billion; Tufts nutrition chief calls for 12-18 month limits on their use, conditioning their prescription on mandatory behavior modification for weight loss maintenance; German man opts for 217 Covid shots—researchers claim he’s still “fine”; Alpha lipoic acid for diabetic neuropathy; Does Motrin affect the liver? Consumer alert over “free” urinary catheter scams. Click HERE for part 2. Click HERE for articles and resources relating to this podcast episode.


ENCORE” Intelligent Medicine Radio for June 15, Part 2: Yogurt as Hedge Against Type 2 Diabetes

NYU doctor dies of anaphylactic shock after deadly food allergens not disclosed at Disney eatery; Pharmaceutical company fined $264 million for lifesaving Epi-Pen price-gouging; Nasal spray alternative to injectable epinephrine canceled over efficacy concerns; How microbiome imbalances predict food allergy susceptibility; Alternatives to expensive creams for bothersome skin rashes; Is krill oil compatible with blood thinners like Eloquis? Continuous glucose monitors cleared for over-the-counter sale without prescription; Hawthorne for congestive heart failure; Can high-dose vitamin D forestall juvenile onset diabetes? Microplastics and heart disease; FDA issues “qualified health claim” for yogurt as hedge against Type 2 diabetes. Click HERE for part 1. Click HERE for articles and resources relating to this podcast episode.


Leyla Weighs In: Are Your Favorite Foods Hiding Harmful Toxins?
June 14, 2024
Nutritionist Leyla Muedin explores the often overlooked topic of natural toxins in food. Drawing insights from the Integrative Medicine Journal, she discusses how plants protect themselves with chemical compounds that can pose health risks. She also delves into survey results from the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, revealing public awareness and concerns about these natural toxins compared to synthetic contaminants. The episode highlights the ongoing debate about the safety of consuming certain plant foods and the popularity of diets like the carnivore movement, which seek to avoid these natural plant compounds.

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