Prenatal Care


Intelligent Medicine Radio Show for December 15, Part 2
December 17, 2018
Curcumin proven to slow Alzheimer’s brain changes; Can stress make asthma worse? Nut consumption improves sperm quality; Eat more fish to increase success rate of fertility treatments; DHA-rich fish supplements curb premature births; An antioxidant-rich diet reduces heart, cancer, and overall deaths; Physical activity in the evening doesn’t impair sleep quality; Why Americans are increasingly broke and overweight; Physical activity curbs Parkinson’s Disease incidence; Type 2 diabetics told to curtail excess finger-sticking—good idea? Click HERE for part 1. Click HERE for articles and resources relating to this podcast episode.



A Deep-Dive on Fish Oil, Part 1
November 13, 2018
“It’s time to rethink fish oil”—so say recent press articles that downplay the efficacy of Omega-3 supplements. Jolie Root, RN, Medical Educator for Carlson Laboratories, and host of the “Food for Thought” radio show, offers a balanced perspective on the findings of fish oil research—with over 35,000 publications as of 2018. What’s wrong with the recent “ASCEND” Study that erroneously purports to demonstrate that fish oil offers no benefit to diabetics? Is Krill oil a superior delivery system for Omega-3s? What about flax oil? What options are available for vegetarians? What benefits of fish oil for immunity? For prenatal nutrition? For neurodegenerative diseases? Is it true that fish oil must be avoided if you’re contemplating surgery or taking blood thinners? Click HERE for part 2.


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