Corinne Bush


ENCORE: Combating America’s Diet-Related Disease Epidemics, Part 1
January 11, 2022
Learn all about the newly-launched American Nutrition Association’s ( efforts to revolutionize science-based nutrition to combat America’s diet-related disease epidemics. ANA’s co-founder Corinne Bush, MS, CNS is on a mission to change our health care paradigm by harnessing Personalized Nutrition. The ANA offers training and certification to licensed health professionals via the CNS (Certified Nutrition Specialist) credential. Underlying Personalized Nutrition is the notion that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to food and supplement prescribing. New advances enable skilled practitioners to precisely target recommendations. The ANA offers conferences and learning modules that are intended to address critical knowledge gaps that limit health practitioners from leveraging the full curative potential of nutrition. Proper nutrition and supplementation have the potential to save our floundering healthcare system from the burdens of preventable disease. Click HERE for part 2.



ENCORE: Combating America’s Diet-Related Disease Epidemics, Part 2

Dr. Hoffman continues his conversation with the American Nutrition Association’s ( co-founder Corinne Bush, MS, CNS about the organization's newly-launched efforts to revolutionize science-based nutrition. Click HERE for part 1.


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