How to Transform Your Health Through Personalized Nutrition, Part 1


The importance of personalized nutrition with Corinne Bush, CEO of the American Nutrition Association (ANA) and a Certified Nutrition Specialist. The ANA's mission is to promote health through personalized nutrition via the various educational programs and resources they offer for both healthcare professionals and the public. Key topics include the benefits and complexities of personalized nutrition, the use of the ketogenic diet, nutrigenomics, and the importance of boosting nutrition literacy in America. She also highlights the ANA's special course, “Getting Started with Personalized Nutrition.” Whether you're a nutrition enthusiast or simply an individual looking to improve your well-being, check out this comprehensive new course from the American Nutrition Association. It’s a self-paced, one-hour course with video, reference sheets, and more! All with the goal of helping you harness the power of personalized nutrition. You’ll learn how to optimize your energy levels, support your mental clarity, improve your G-I function, enhance your physical performance, and maintain your metabolic health. The course is regularly $49. But, as an Intelligent Medicine listener, you can get access to this vital content for just $29. Just use coupon code hoffman29 for the exclusive discount. Click HERE for part 2.

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