ENCORE: Why avoid GMOs? Part 1


Dr. Michelle Perro is an award-winning pediatrician and integrative physician, co-author of "What’s Making Our Children Sick: How Industrial Food is Causing an Epidemic of Illness." She explains how the advent of genetically-modified foods can undermine health—via diverse pathways. First, there are the unforeseen consequences on the human body of consuming novel foreign proteins; then, there are the adverse effects of herbicides like glyphosate that GMO crops facilitate. Of particular concern is the effect of GMOs on the microbiome which a key determinant of metabolic, neurotransmitter, and immune status. Newer technologies like CRISPR are touted as breakthroughs but they may have inadvertent downsides. Dr. Perro is an advocate of the precautionary principle when it comes to food innovations; she offers tips on how consumers can avoid consumption of GMOs. She calls for a revolution in food production and distribution, and a return to safer and more sustainable models of regenerative agriculture. Click HERE for part 2.

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