ENCORE: The Way Human Beings are Supposed to Eat, Part 1


Professor Tim Noakes is a South African medical doctor and a respected exercise physiologist. Decades ago, he wrote the best-selling "The Lore of Running," in which he advocated a low-fat carbo-loading diet for optimal athletic performance. But when he himself developed Type 2 Diabetes, he had second thoughts and began researching the low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) dietary paradigm. The result: He reversed his diabetes, sold 200,000 copies of his new book, "The Real Meal Revolution," but then became the target of an Inquisition-style prosecution for dietary heresy. In what became dubbed “the Nutrition Trial of the Century” Professor Noakes valiantly upheld science in the face of a concerted attack from the medical orthodoxy. We discuss how he finally prevailed. Why has the diet controversy become so politicized? Why does Professor Noakes consider the Agricultural Revolution “one of mankind’s biggest mistakes”? Why is the Banting diet particularly suited to the dietary needs of South Africans? Don’t some people do OK with carbohydrates? What’s the impact of the LCHF on athletic performance? What research is the Noakes Foundation undertaking? How is it trying to democratize low-carb dieting for the masses? Click HERE for part 2.

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