ENCORE: The Water You Drink, Part 1


What you need to know about the water you drink: With all the emphasis on optimal hydration, it’s especially important that we pay attention to, not just the quantity, but the quality of our water. The recent lead debacle in Newark highlights the hazards posed by contaminated water. But there are numerous contaminants in our water, and many are not policed adequately by regulators. Naturopathic physician Tina Beaudoin highlights some of the problems: What is the history of water quality oversight and how is tap water regulated in our country? Are the rules monitored and enforced? How is our water disinfected? What about water fluoridation? What are some of the major contaminants found in drinking water? How do you determine if your water source is safe? What are the different types of water filtration? How can you tell if you have a quality water filter? What about bottled water? Click HERE for part 2.

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