The Relationship Between Inflammation and ALL Chronic Disease from Back Pain to Cancer to COVID-19, Part 1


Dr. David Hanscom is an orthopedic complex spinal deformity surgeon who, after quitting his practice, is on a mission: re-introducing true healing into medicine. He believes that doctors should spend quality time with their patients so they can listen and understand their complete situation. Most recently, since the COVID-19 outbreak - which he tested positive and experienced, Dr. Hanscom has been working with a team of other medical doctors and researchers, exploring the relationship between inflammation and ALL Chronic disease from back pain to cancer to COVID-19. As an Orthopedic surgeon, he's helped countless people go pain-free without surgery. Even people who were told by several different surgeons that they needed surgery. He provides a method - those who do it - go Pain-Free. All this to say that whether it’s back pain or COVID 19 (not to mention other chronic diseases) - the nervous system plays A SIGNIFICANT ROLE on the road to recovery. Click HERE for part 2.

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