ENCORE: The Pervasive Harmful Effects of Sugar, Part 1


Dr. Michael Goran, professor of pediatrics at the USC Keck School of Medicine, has devoted his academic career to the study of childhood obesity and diabetes. In “Sugarproof: The Hidden Dangers of Sugar that are Putting Your Child's Health at Risk and What You Can Do,” he and his co-author, nutritionist Dr. Emily Ventura, explore the pervasive harmful effects of sugar, and detail a practical program for effecting change. Excess dietary sugar contributes not just to obesity, but also increased risk for a lifetime of degenerative diseases, as well as behavioral problems. And now sugar is added to 70% of processed foods, often deceptively labeled as “natural”, or concealed under a variety of innocent-sounding rubrics. High fructose corn syrup has especially harmful properties. Non-caloric sugar substitutes also come into the cross-hairs as stoking the appetite and having indeterminate metabolic effects. Is regulation of the food industry the answer? Labeling laws? Restrictions on advertising to children? Sugar and soft drink taxes? Outright bans like now underway in Mexico? Tobacco-style litigation vs. the sugar industry? Dr. Goran argues for a more consumer-oriented approach, with self-regulation the goal for kids. Click HERE for part 2.

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