The Many Faces of Histamine, Part 1


We pop antihistamines like crazy, but few have searched out the root causes of histamine overload. We explore this multi-faceted problem with Certified Traditional Naturopath Dr. Robert Miller, who incorporates genetic testing and biochemical analysis to unravel complex health problems. Excess histamine goes beyond merely causing sneezing, wheezing and itching; it may be associated with a bewildering array of physical and mental symptoms. There’s a Histamine Diet—avoidance of foods that raise histamine. But addressing histamine problems requires an understanding of genetic variations that influence methylation (MTHFR), diamine oxidase (DAO), and zonulin. Leaky gut syndrome with altered intestinal permeability may lead to serious problems like autoimmunity. Dr. Miller is devising a sophisticated computer algorithm that crunches raw genetic data and translates them into targeted diet and supplement interventions. Click HERE for part 2.

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