ENCORE: “The Lyme Solution,” Part 1


Even long-term antibiotic treatment often fails to eradicate the symptoms of Lyme Disease. Naturopathic physician Darin Ingels, author of "The Lyme Solution," discusses an integrative approach to Lyme Disease. Why is Lyme so resistant to conventional treatment? Can tests for Lyme Disease be trusted? Himself a Lyme sufferer, Ingels explored a variety of treatments before he obtained relief. His "Immune-Boosting Plan" comprises diet, herbal formulas, supplements, and lifestyle measures. What role does healing the gut play? What supplements promote recovery? What are the Zhang and Cowden herbal protocols? How to ease Herxheimer (die-off) reactions? How to eradicate biofilms that make Lyme more resistant to treatment? Click HERE for part 2.

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