The Glutathione Theory of Aging, Part 1


Glutathione levels are now a recognized biomarker of aging. Boosting glutathione levels is one of the most proactive steps people can take to improve their health and achieve healthy longevity. Glutathione is a molecule that contains three amino acids and has multiple features that make it unique and important. In addition to being a versatile and powerful antioxidant with immune protective properties, glutathione plays key role in protecting us from damage from exposure to environmental toxins which can cause the premature decay or aging of cells. Dr. Ross Pelton, Director of Science & Education for Essential Formulas, details a line of products that are very effective at boosting glutathione levels, Reg’Activ. They contain a unique strain of probiotic bacteria called ME-3 that synthesizes glutathione. Results from human clinical trials show that people taking one of the ME-3 products get a big boost in their glutathione levels and also gain significant health benefits such as reduced cardiovascular risks by lowering oxidized LDL-cholesterol, reducing production of free radicals, and boosting levels of other antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E. Click HERE for part 2.

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