ENCORE: The Frontiers of Anti-Aging Research, Part 1


Frontiers of Anti-Aging research with Oliver Medvedik, Ph.D., Vice President of the Life Extension Research Foundation (LEAF). Is anti-aging research about targeting diseases that curtail lifespan, or does it seek to unravel the very mechanisms that drive aging itself? Is it possible to extend lifespan indefinitely? What might be the societal consequences of so many more old people? What are some of the leading current strategies for extending life? Where does exercise fit in? Diet? Brain fitness? Senolytic drugs? Stem cells? CRISPR? What sophisticated new tools are being employed to assess biological (as opposed to chronological) age? What is the “Agemeter”? What are some of the most formidable barriers to promoting universal longevity? What role for nicotinamide riboside? Telomere supplements? Intermittent fasting? Click HERE for part 2.

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