ENCORE: The Epidemic You Never Heard Of: Alpha-Gal Syndrome, Part 1


Sharon Forsyth is a patient advocate for recognition of Alpha-gal Syndrome. It’s a recently discovered condition (2009) which now has been confirmed to be the cause of symptoms in tens of thousands of individuals—who may represent the tip of the iceberg of a far more pervasive problem. Essentially, it’s a meat allergy, transmitted by tick bites, and sufferers experience rashes, GI complaints, even life-threatening anaphylactic reactions when they eat beef, pork, or lamb. But many non-meat products are tainted with alpha-gal, including dairy products, gel caps, and carageenan. Many processed foods contain traces of meat residue, which can trigger symptoms in sufferers; so, too, do personal care products, medications and supplements. Sharon describes her challenging quest to obtain a diagnosis—many health professionals are woefully ignorant of this condition. Click HERE for part 2.

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