ENCORE: The Crucial Role of the Microbiome in Immunity, Part 1


Christine Rosche, M.P.H., C.N.S., Board Certified Nutrition Specialist and Digestive Health Expert developed an integrative approach to digestive health based on 25 years experience in the health care field. She describes how an imbalanced microbiome predisposes to bad Covid outcomes; additional studies suggest that drastic alterations to intestinal contents occur with Covid infections, and may be responsible for the persistence of symptoms in Covid “long-haulers”. Rosche describes the suite of tests that can help evaluate the status of the microbiome. A HeartMath™️ evaluation of heart rate variability can show whether stress is impairing a patient’s recovery. Additionally, a little-acknowledged effect results from continual exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Diet modification, pre-and probiotics, targeted nutraceuticals, and stress reduction can reverse harmful alterations of the microbiome. Click HERE for part 2.

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