The China Study — Busted! Part 1


"The China Study" by Professor T. Colin Campbell is cited by many vegans as the rationale for their avoidance of animal protein. Ken Aung, an expert in medical data analytics, uncovers deep flaws in Campbell’s scientific reasoning. Why is an impressive graph linking colon cancer incidence to meat consumption misleading? What are the limitations of epidemiological (observational) studies? Ken highlights the pitfalls of misappropriated statistics: Why does correlation not necessarily mean causation? How does the “post-hoc fallacy” lead us to erroneous conclusions? Is Campbell’s demonization of dairy products based on sound science? Is he guilty of cherry-picking to buttress his pre-conceived beliefs? What’s the take-home message for confused consumers? How can we make more informed food choices amid wildly conflicting headlines? Click HERE for part 2.

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