The Case Against Fragrance, Part 1


Are you bothered by fragrance? You’re not alone. "The Case Against Fragrance" by best-selling novelist Kate Grenville reveals how widespread fragrance intolerance is, and how it may pose a major health threat. Many suffer headaches, nausea, malaise, asthma, nasal congestion, rashes and brain fog on exposure to fragrances; additionally, most fragrances are artificially synthesized from petrochemicals. Are “natural” fragrances preferable? What about aromatherapy, essential oils, and scented candles? Haven’t most of these chemicals been safety-tested? Why are musks a special case? Is there a downside to tampering with our innate scent-guided biology? Why is perfume use not just a matter of personal choice? Do people have a right to fragrance-free air? Don’t you need fragrance to make deodorant effective? Are there sources of fragrance-free detergents, soaps, personal care products, and cosmetics?


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