ENCORE: “The Autoimmune Solution,” Part 1


Dr. Hoffman welcomes Dr. Amy Myers, author of "The Autoimmune Solution" and "The Thyroid Connection." Dr. Myers recounts her own struggles with Graves' Disease; What were the antecedents that caused her to develop this autoimmune thyroid disorder? How prevalent is autoimmunity? Why is it reaching epidemic proportions in the U.S.? Dr. Myers discusses how diet, leaky gut syndrome, toxins, infections, and stress combine to create a "perfect storm" for autoimmunity. What supplements work for autoimmunity? Is the Paleo Diet the best route to recovery? Why are beans and gluten considered no-no's for patients with autoimmunity? How do you heal the gut? Why is taking synthetic thyroid medication not enough for some patients? What role for iodine? Vitamin D? Is coconut oil beneficial? Click HERE for part 2.


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