Testing for Gut Health, Part 1


Christine Rosche, Certified Nutrition Specialist and Microbiome Health Expert, discusses testing for gut health. How does the health of our microbiome affect our response to viruses, such Covid-19? Is Long Covid, in part, due to alterations in intestinal microbiota? What is dysbiosis? What does “diversity” have to do with the gut? What are ways to improve immunity through the gut microbiome? What role does lifestyle play—sleep, stress, exercise? How does poor diet undermine gut balance? What foods encourage gut health? What are some of the most effective botanicals? What role for probiotics? Fecal transfer? Why therapy should be guided by a comprehensive assessment to properly individualize treatment; What can the latest stool analyses reveal about gut health? How has technology advanced in microbiome testing? Click HERE for part 2.

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