Supplement Access, Part 1


It’s an all-hands-on-deck moment for supplement access. For a change, there’s some good news. Congress threatens to pass a restrictive bill which would place onerous federal registration requirements on all nutritional products. Jo Twombly, deputy director of the Alliance for Natural Health, has been lobbying Congress to stop the legislation. She has hopeful news: Due to the surge of citizen pushback, resulting in thousands of letters and e-mails to Congressional representatives, there may be a chance of stopping the bill. Proponents of the bill like Senators Dick Durbin and Patty Murray are attempting to sneak in a provision for supplement regulation into a bill routinely passed to fund FDA, but they’re running out of time as key legislators are defecting from the anti-supplement coalition. But now is not a time for complacency. Visit ANH to learn more and make your voice heard for health freedom as the deadline approaches for a Congressional vote this summer. Click HERE for part 2.

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