ENCORE: Sports Nutrition: Nutrients for Performance and Endurance, Part 1


Today we explore Nutrigenomics and sports nutrition with Brent Luycks (pronounced “Lucks”) a former Belgian champion cyclist who is founder of 4Gold, a company focused on enhancement of athletic performance. 4Gold works with professional athletes and ordinary optimizers to develop personalized nutrition programs geared to their genetic characteristics. Brent describes what insights can be gained from nutrigenomic profiling using saliva samples of DNA. In my case, for example, it bettered my understanding of my athletic aptitude (mixed), my injury potential, my recovery ability, and my unique requirements for nutrients associated with performance and endurance. Brent, as a survivor of Crohn’s disease, describes an innovative prebiotic, 2’-Fucosyllactose, a constituent of human milk. It has the potential to address GI disorders, and supports optimal absorption, a limiting factor in athletic performance. He also details ingredients in a sports supplement embraced by many top endurance athletes on the European circuit. Click HERE for part 2.

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