Specific Measures to Prevent Infections, Part 1


Today’s guest is Dr. Lon Jones, retired osteopathic physician, authority on the history of medicine, and inventor of Xlear Nasal Spray. In his book, "Commonsense Medicine: Healing from the Inside Out and Stopping the Next Pandemic," he states “Illness today is seen as the lack of a proper balance of measurable symptoms, such as blood pressure, temperature, glucose levels, etc. Those elements are what we treat; seldom do we look for what causes our problems. This mechanical view completely ignores our ability to adapt to changes in our environment, yet this mindset permeates not only medicine, but how we teach our children, and how we govern ourselves. We need to change the way we see to a model that honors our complexity and adaptability. This paradigm shift is the goal of Common Sense Medicine.” Click HERE for part 2.

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