SPECIAL EPISODE: Covid-19 Urgent Call to Action, Part 1


Covid-19 cases are increasing rapidly in the U.S. and today’s guest, Dr. Leo Galland, issues an urgent call-to-action to not underestimate its destructive potential. Dr. Galland is a pioneer of integrative medicine and author of several books including Super-Immunity for Kids and The Allergy Solution. He brings his extensive experience and knowledge of complementary modalities to bear on the Coronavirus crisis. He warns that the virus has the potential to affect the majority of Americans by mid-May. While many will experience mild to moderate symptoms, the death toll may rise to the millions. He explains that it’s not enough to assume that most of the immune-supportive supplements that have helped us weather ordinary colds and flus will be applicable to the Coronavirus; his careful study of its characteristics suggests a tailored approach. What about vitamin D, zinc and selenium? Why probiotics might confer protection; oregano, quercetin, resveratrol, elderberry, NAC, ginseng, Andrographis, mushroom extracts, and traditional Chinese herbs? High-dose IV vitamin C? Can too much immune stimulation result in dread “cytokine storm”? What about the melatonin connection? Are certain antihypertensive drugs beneficial—or harmful? Is it true you should avoid ibuprofen? Will the combo of hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin yield the breakthrough we’ve been looking for? Click HERE for part 2.

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