Special Covid-19 Update: Coronavirus Fears, Part 1


Benjamin Asher MD, integrative ENT specialist, with extensive background in Mind-Body Medicine and with over three decades experience as a meditation teacher, shares tips on combatting stress and anxiety during the current lockdown. There are well-vetted techniques for coping with worries over vulnerability which arise naturally under challenging circumstances such as we’re all experiencing; some involve meditation, some cognitive reframing, others are procedures that alter the brain’s fear circuitry. Dr. Asher explains how early life trauma can program the nervous system for exaggerated reactivity; identifying these buried insults and appropriately processing them can set the stage for healing. Additionally, some individuals with chronic medical conditions may feel exceptionally at risk—perhaps without medically-valid justification. Others with perfectionistic Type A personalities may feel especially thwarted as their demanding routines and careful plans are disrupted. Dr. Asher offers advice on how to “go with the flow” and create a personal path of acceptance. Ultimately, the current crisis may be a crucible for personal development and cultivation of resiliency. Click HERE for part 2.

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