ENCORE: Solutions for Lagging Sexual Performance, Part 1


Dr. Roberta Morgan explains the reasons for lagging sexual performance in her book, "The Sexless Marriage Fix," and offers comprehensive solutions. Is it OK to be in a sexless marriage or relationship? What are the physical and emotional benefits of sex? What are the reasons for diminished desire? What’s “Neglected Partner Syndrome”? How do medications rob libido? How do environmental toxins hijack hormones? Does diet impact sexuality? What are the signs of low testosterone? What causes testosterone to dip? Is testosterone safe? Can women benefit from it? What roles for DHEA and “love hormones” like oxytocin and MSH? Why too much estrogen can be a problem for men; Are over-the-counter supplements for ED as effective as drugs like Viagra/Levitra/Cialis? Are there solutions for men for whom testosterone and ED drugs don’t work? Click HERE for part 2.

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