Safeguarding Our Access to the Health Modalities of Our Choice, Part 1


As current President of the Alliance for Natural Health (, Dr. Hoffman speaks to Rob Verkerk, Executive Director of ANH, about safeguarding our access to balanced health information and products and health modalities of our choice. We face an unprecedented threat as overzealous regulators seek to limit our options under the guise of suppressing “misinformation”. ANH’s mandate is to stand up for consumers’ right to clean environment, supplements and treatments; often, we face relentless challenges from BigPharma, BigAgriculture, BigGovernment, food conglomerates, biased media and orthodox medicine. We discuss alternate wellness paradigms, and ANH’s efforts—lobbying, education, and activism. Join our empowering grassroots movement of concerned health-conscious citizens to reclaim our natural birthrights at! Click HERE for part 2.

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