Relief for Autoimmune Disorders, Part 1


Dr. Terry Wahls discusses her new book, "The Wahls Protocol: Cooking for Life--The Revolutionary Modern Paleo Plan to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions." Dr. Wahls was a conventional physician who developed multiple sclerosis which was unresponsive even to powerful MS drugs. Though initially skeptical of natural medicine, she felt she had little recourse when she became wheelchair-bound, and turned to a Paleo diet. Within weeks her symptoms improved, and after several years she has achieved lasting remission. Her research led her to formulate the Wahls Protocol which has brought relief to thousands of sufferers of autoimmune disorders. How pervasive is autoimmunity? Why might diet aid recovery? Dr. Wahls dispels some misconceptions about the Paleo diet: Is it all meat? Very low carb? Are nightshades and beans permitted? Why the emphasis on bone broths? Organ meats? Seaweed? Coconut? Must all food be organic, grass-fed or wild-caught? How does the Wahls diet square with the ultra low-fat Swank diet for MS? Which supplements are beneficial? Dr. Wahls details an ongoing clinical trial meant to validate her protocol. How can one join the large community of Wahls Protocol adherents? Click HERE for part 2.

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