Regenerative Agriculture: A Holistic Approach to Farming, Part 1


Regenerative agriculture—what is it? How does it differ from organic? Anand Swaroop Ph.D. is founder and president of Cepham, a science-based nutritional ingredient supplier, and an expert on regenerative agriculture. He describes how his family’s background in traditional farming in India prompted his interest in promoting regenerative agriculture in the face of increasing reliance on industrial farm technology, which relies on monoculture, and extensive use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and GMO crops. Can regenerative agriculture meet the challenge of feeding the world’s surging population? Can it help alleviate climate change? Is the food healthier and tastier? Dr. Swaroop also details how science is facilitating development of ever more promising nutraceuticals, and why the current supplement marketplace is experiencing supply chain problems. He details rigorous controls Cepham has instituted to insure ingredient quality and safety. Click HERE for part 2.

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