ENCORE: Profiling a Pioneer of Integrative Cancer Therapy, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez: Part 1


"The Maverick M.D.," a biography of the late Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez by today’s guest, Mary Swander—herself a decades-long patient. Dr. Gonzalez was a pioneer of integrative cancer therapy, with a unique perspective on the metabolic basis of cancer. An inveterate researcher, Dr. Gonzalez adapted the Kelly Protocol to predict which of multiple diets—from raw food vegan to carnivore—would target a patient’s cancer. He also employed high-dose proteolytic enzymes to overcome cancer’s defenses. His use of detoxification procedures like coffee enemas placed him in the cross-hairs of conventional medicine critics. He was a prolific writer, compiling multiple books documenting his successes and elaborating his theories. Swander describes the unique personal attributes that led Gonzalez to persevere in the face of rejection by mainstream oncology. Many grateful patients and long-term survivors of challenging advanced cancers attest to the efficacy of his methods. How is his legacy being preserved? Click HERE for part 2.

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