ENCORE: One of the Worst Treated Conditions in Western Medicine, Part 1


Dr. Sarah Myhill is one of Britain’s foremost experts on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), or as it’s sometimes referred to there, Myalgic Encephalitis (ME). In her book, “Sustainable Medicine,” she claims that “CFS is one of the worst treated conditions in Western Medicine.” Patients are sometimes told to just exercise, or undergo psychotherapy, to recover. Myhill vociferously disagrees, asserting: “Its mitochondria, not hypochondria!” She dismisses the notorious PACE study, which had become the standard of care for CFS sufferers with “graded exercise,” as scientific fraud. How do you repair the mitochondria and boost their function? Why is the Paleo-Ketogenic Diet central to recovery? What does the ATP profile test tell us about mitochondrial function? Dr. Myhill’s pioneering studies document objective improvements in patients’ cellular energetics, in addition to subjective reports of symptom amelioration. What are the five basic supplements she recommends? Why are support of thyroid and adrenal function critical? What role for sleep? How do infections undermine mitochondrial efficiency? Why is detoxification so important for some CFS sufferers? How do heat treatments and chelation help? Dr. Myhill continues to campaign for the rights of CFS patients to be properly diagnosed and treated in the face of what she terms “systemic medical abuse.” Click HERE for part 2.

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