Media, Medicine, and Money: Sharyl Attkisson’s Pharma Exposé, Part 1


Have you ever wondered about the strings that control the narratives in health journalism? Sit tight as Sharyl Attkisson, a seasoned investigative reporter and author of "Follow the $cience: How Big Pharma Misleads, Obscures, and Prevails," peels back the curtain on the pharmaceutical industry's grip over media and public health policy. Our riveting conversation, rooted in Sharyl's transition from mainstream media to the independent front, exposes how corporate interests dictate the news we consume, especially in health and medical reporting. Her eye-opening book, becomes our compass, guiding us through the maze of biases that infiltrate medical journalism. Amidst a global pandemic, the discourse on public health has been fraught with contradictions and skepticism. Together with Sharyl, we dissect the mixed messaging from government authorities, the controversial dialogues about mask use, vaccine efficacy, and the increasingly apparent distrust in these agencies. We also shine a spotlight on 'big food's' influence over dietary guidelines and health policies, calling into question the real impact of well-intentioned movements that may inadvertently endorse unhealthy lifestyles, all under the watchful eye of industry giants. In our quest for truth, we scrutinize the psychological effects of medical messaging, the controversies engulfing vaccine debates, and the influence of financial might on fact-checking entities and medical research. Cheryl's insights into the veiled mechanisms of medical discourse reveal a landscape where political agendas often overshadow urgent public health needs. We end on a note of empowerment, underscoring the significance of independent journalism and the need for a patient-centered approach in navigating the complexities of the American healthcare system. Join us as we unravel the knots of misinformation and manipulation in medicine, and champion the cause for accurate, unbiased reporting. Click HERE for part 2.

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