Leyla Weighs In: Unveiling the Microbiome Theory of Aging (First in a Series)


Nutritionist Leyla Muedin details the Microbiome Theory of Aging (MTA) through a comprehensive article by Ross Pelton in Integrative Medicine, a Clinician's Journal. The theory suggests that dysbiosis, or microbial imbalance in the gut, causes health problems that can accelerate biological aging by increasing inflammation, zonulin levels, intestinal permeability (leaky gut), and triggering chronic diseases. The episode covers the roles of probiotics, postbiotics, and how lifestyle factors influence the aging process. Leyla also discusses causes of dysbiosis, including diet, antibiotics, and stress, and introduces the concept of postbiotic metabolites as key regulators of health. The importance of the gut-brain axis and the effect of stress on microbiome dysfunction are also highlighted. The talk aims to provide insight into how maintaining a healthy gut microbiome can influence aging and health, setting the stage for a deeper dive in the next episode.

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