ENCORE: Kids’ Exposure to Electronic Media, Part 1


A conversation with the “Mediatrician”, Dr. Michael Rich, a pediatrician whose practice and research center around kids’ exposure to electronic media. He recently supported a stockholder initiative to persuade Apple to offer more options for parents to shape their children’s media exposure. Are the big social media companies compromising our children’s well-being for the sake of more ad clicks? What are the health consequences—physical and mental—of kids’ heavy use of social media? How does it contribute to obesity? To depression and suicidality? To poor school performance? To sleep deprivation? Why prohibition is not the answer; Is there such a thing as “internet addiction”? Should kids below a certain age have zero screen time? Dr. Rich offers tips to parents and grandparents via his column “Ask the Mediatrician” at the website of his Center on Media and Child Health at http://cmch.tv/parents/askthemediatrician/. Click HERE for part 2.

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