ENCORE: Is Your Home Making You Sick? Part 1


Is your house making you sick? Caroline Blazovsky is President and founder of My Healthy Home (www.healthyhomeexpert.com). She is a certified mold remediator (CMR), certified indoor environmentalist (CIE), and healthy home specialist (HHS). How does the presence of household mold undermine health? Why do its effects go beyond mere allergy? What new technologies are available to consumers to assess mold hazards? What about household chemicals, animal dander, dust and pesticide residues? How can vestiges of peanut protein in home air trigger health problems? What are some of the main problem areas within the home? What simple measures can homeowners undertake to safeguard against allergies and pollutants? Why is it a good idea to add an environmental assessment to an engineering report when buying a home? Why should doctors and patients consider environmental testing when probing the causes of challenging health problems? What health conditions call for consideration of environmental factors? Click HERE for part 2.

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