ENCORE: Is completing a triathlon within your grasp? Part 1


At age 60, Sue Reynolds found herself overweight and exhausted. After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, she weighed 335 pounds. Now, four years later, she has lost 200 pounds and is a competitive triathlete, ambassador for USA Triathlon. Sue describes what prompted her journey, how she slowly initiated exercise after a lifetime of sedentary habits. She relates how counting calories failed her, and what diet ultimately proved sustainable. How has she sustained her weight loss when so many overweight people have failed? What psychological obstacles did she overcome to envision herself as a normal weight person? How has triathlon competition solidified her commitment to a healthy lifestyle? Can anyone aspire to a triathlon, no matter what their age or previous conditioning? Learn why Sue eschewed crash dieting and embraced a program of slow, steady weight loss. How did coaching help her hone her athletic skills? Sue encourages people to visit www.mytimetotri.com to learn how they can set a personal goal to compete in a triathlon. She is currently writing an inspirational book about her experiences. Learn more at www.triathlon200.com and www.dreambigtriathloncoaching.com. Click HERE for part 2.

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