Is “breast implant illness” real? Part 1


Breast implants are now under the gun again after a checkered history. In the 80s reports of adverse events related to silicone breast implants led to FDA scrutiny and lawsuits against Dow Corning. Now in March 2019, breast implants are once again under federal review over reports of a rare lymphoma in hundreds of women with “textured” implants. Dr. Sophie Bartsich, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, offers perspective on the current controversy. Is “breast implant illness” real? Has it been conclusively proven that breast implants cause lupus-like symptoms in women? Is there a high incidence of breast implant rupture? Do breast implants need to be checked on a regular basis after surgery? How often do they need to be replaced? How does Dr. Bartsich leverage her undergraduate training in psychology to meet patients’ expectations and address body image concerns? Which implants are safest? Are there alternatives to implants for women who don’t want foreign materials in their bodies? What about the opposite—breast reduction for women? And what options are available for men with gynecomastia? Does breast reconstruction after cancer make subsequent cancer detection more difficult? Can cosmetic breast surgery interfere with the prospects for breastfeeding? Click HERE for part 2.

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