Intelligent Medicine Radio Show for October 2, Part 2


Do vaccines after Covid and monoclonal antibody treatment run risk of bad reactions? Antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE)--is it a risk with multiple boosters that are being proposed? New studies confirm full-fat dairy does not worsen cardiovascular risk; Fully one-third of Covid survivors experience Long Covid symptoms; DHEA improves women's sex drives and boosts efficacy of IVF for infertility; Juice avoidance curbs childhood overweight; Oral contraceptives prior to pregnancy hike risk for childhood allergies; Moms' intake of Omega 3s increases volume of grey and white matter in offspring; Breastfeeding reduces kids' risk for allergies, obesity; Did people drive crazier during lockdowns? Same amount of food consumed during shorter intervals (intermittent fasting) results in better metabolism, reduced weight, compared to extended eating hours; Anti-inflammatory diet checks asthma symptoms. Click HERE for part 1. Click HERE for articles and resources relating to this podcast episode.

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