Intelligent Medicine Radio Show for March 21, Part 2: Covid-19


10 percent of patients are infected by asymptomatic “silent spreaders”; How long does virus live on inanimate surfaces? A possible melatonin connection; Are we over-reacting and risking crashing the economy? The politicization of Coronavirus; Sunlight is the best disinfectant; IV vitamin C; Nutraceuticals for Coronavirus—vitamins A, C, and D, NAC, astragalus, oregano, elderberry, beta-glucans, medicinal mushrooms, probiotics. Can over-stimulating the immune system trigger “cytokine storm”? The ACE connection and blood pressure drugs; Plaquenil and Azithromycin combo—a possible cure? Is ibuprofen a non-no for fever control? Immune supplement shortage; The predicament of patients with OCD and anxiety disorders; The nitric oxide connection; Is vaping causing an unexpected spike in Millennials with serious Covid-19 symptoms? When will it end? Click HERE for part 1. Click HERE for articles and resources relating to this podcast episode.

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