ENCORE: Integrative Urology with Dr. Aaron Katz, Part 1


The best of high-tech and the best of natural therapies—are combined by today’s guest, Dr. Aaron Katz, Chairman of Urology at Winthrop University Hospital, and host of Katz’s Corner on WABC radio. Dr. Katz is a pioneer in introducing Active Holistic Surveillance which enables certain men diagnosed with early prostate cancer to undertake natural therapies while avoiding the harms associated with surgery or radiation. Dr. Katz discusses how new, innovative tests will help better identify those men who can safely eschew conventional treatments vs. those with aggressive cancers that call for more drastic intervention. He discusses the current controversy over testosterone therapy—boon or bane for men? Routine PSA screening—does it do more harm than good? Dr. Katz enumerates basic lifestyle steps that men can take to avoid prostate problems—diet, exercise, stress reduction and targeted supplements. Click HERE for part 2.

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