How Your Environment Affects Your Health, Part 1


Dr. Aly Cohen, Integrative Rheumatologist, offers a must-listen discussion on "Integrative Environmental Medicine," the title of her new book. What are the potential insults we face from polluted air and water? What are the health consequences? Who is most vulnerable? How do heavy metals like mercury, cadmium and lead harm the body? How has the introduction of GMO foods increased exposure to toxic pesticides? What are endocrine disrupters? How do certain common medications reduce our threshold for toxin overload? What foods are the worst offenders? Why select organic foods? When is it permissible to substitute conventional produce? Is fish safe to eat? What food ingredients are most harmful? Is it important to filter your tap water? Why are antimicrobial cleansers bad for you? Can taking certain key supplements protect us from environmental insults? What lifestyle practices help us lower our toxic burdens? Click HERE for part 2.

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